A brick layer who almost died after being brutally assaulted by a McDonald’s security guard has received compensation after help from Thompsons Solicitors.

Ian de-Schoolmeester from Bridgend has had his life put on hold for 2 years by the serious brain injury he suffered when he was knocked to the ground by the guard in an unprovoked attack outside McDonalds in Cardiff, in December 2010.

He and his friends, who were enjoying a night out, were bundled out of the restaurant by a group of security staff working for RAS Securities, contracted by McDonalds. He was punched, pushed to the ground with such force he suffered a fractured skull and his jaw was broken in two places.

Needed emergency brain surgery to save his life

Mr de-Schoolmeester, who has little memory of the incident, was in hospital for two months after the vicious assault. He needed emergency brain surgery to save his life and then further surgery to put a titanium plate in his skull.

Although, thanks to months of rehabilitation, Mr de-Schoolmeester’s condition has improved over the years, it will take several years to fully recover and he will continue to suffer from mental fatigue due to his injuries.

The self employed bricklayer has been able to return to work, however he fears it will take some time to re-build his business.

One of the security guards was prosecuted following the attack, but he was acquitted when the jury could not say beyond reasonable doubt that he was guilty. This was, in part, due to poor police evidence and lack of witnesses.

The judge commented at the trial on the unacceptably aggressive nature of the security team. His comments came after CCTV footage showed the security staff assaulting other members of Mr de-Schoolmeester’s group and other people on the high street. The judge criticised the failure of the police to bring more prosecutions.

Thompsons Solicitors made a claim for compensation

Mr de-Schoolmeester instructed Thompsons Solicitors to investigate a claim for compensation in an effort to gain justice. Thompsons argued that RAS Securities was responsible for its employees’ appalling behaviour.

RAS Securities settled the claim out of court.

Mr de-Schoolmeester said: “Before I was assaulted I had a bright future and I knew what I was working towards. I had a good business working as a brick layer.

“Now, my business is not what it was. It will take time to recover as I now have to re-establish my work contacts. I know that I am lucky to be alive, but it is frustrating that this unprovoked attack has changed my life and my future while my attacker has got away without a prosecution.”

Anthony Welsh from Thompsons Solicitors said: “RAS Securities have a responsibility to ensure its staff are properly trained, do not abuse their position and behave appropriately when dealing with people, whatever the circumstances. It is shocking that one of its security teams can have so lost their collective self control that one of them nearly killed my client. And while his attacker goes unpunished, Ian has to try to rebuild his life as best he can while living forever with the impact of the assault.

”This compensation does not make up for the extensive injuries our client has suffered or the promising future he has lost but we hope it provides some sense of justice."