A woman who suffered a severe brain injury and significant orthopaedic injuries when she was struck by a car in December 2012 has been awarded £3.5 million with the help of specialists at Thompsons Solicitors.

The brain injury survivor (who cannot be named for legal reasons), was hit by a vehicle when crossing the road. The impact caused severe injuries which have left her with permanent physical and cognitive impairments.

The woman’s family initial approached a local firm of solicitors to pursue a claim for compensation but quickly moved to brain injury specialists Thompsons Solicitors when they realised the local firm didn’t have the expertise they would need. Thompsons not only won the case but secured her the right to return to Court in the future for additional compensation should her condition worsen and her need for care and support increase as a result.

The car driver’s insurer put pressure on the family by withdrawing all offers just days before a settlement meeting. However, Thompsons fought to secure a settlement that was in the end significantly greater than any previous offers.

In December 2016, a High Court Judge ordered payment of the agreed lump sum as well as a sum to her family for the support and care they have provided. The damages have been used to purchase a bungalow for the woman near to her family as well as therapies, long-term specialist neurorehabilitation care and support, and for the management of her financial affairs.

The road crash survivor’s sister, who has been looking after her, said: “All the money in the world won’t take us or my sister back in time so our job has been to get enough to ensure her every need is met and she is given the best chance of being as independent as she can.

“When this first happened, we didn’t know where to turn to, and initially went to local solicitors who didn’t specialise in serious brain injury. Thankfully, someone recommended Thompsons, as brain injury specialists – and they were exceptionally thorough, dedicated and supportive. We simply couldn’t have done it without them.”

Imogen Wetton, brain injury specialist at Thompsons Solicitors said: “I have got to know the family so well and it’s clear how much they care. The judge went out of his way to comment on how amazed he was that in situations like this family members step up to the plate and I couldn’t agree more, it is humbling.

“In negotiating the excellent settlement that we achieved here we had in mind that the Lord Chancellor is meant to be reviewing the discount rate for personal injury damages – another thing that non-specialist firms would not be aware of. Our focus at all times has been to achieve a settlement that ensures our client gets the support she needs and the quality of life she deserves and I am confident that that is what we got.”