The claimant was bullied and harassed by a manager resulting in the onset of psychological injuries. He lodged a formal harassment at work complaint. A disciplinary hearing was held as a result of which the manager was found guilty of bullying and harassment and was eventually dismissed. However, the manager’s appeal against the decision was successful as procedures had not been correctly followed and he was paid off for a large sum of money (there was an article in Private Eye about this).

We pursued a claim for negligence and also a claim under the Protection from Harassment Act. At the same time we were acting for him in respect of employment law claims. Both the negligence case and the PHA claim were very difficult. Shortly before trial, negotiations were entered into on both the personal injury and employment claims, with £16,500 being added for the personal injury aspect. The case concluded with a lump sum payment of just under £150,000, an excellent reference, and an annual pension of just under £22,000 per annum.

This is an excellent example of personal injury and employment rights solicitors working together to get a good result for the client.

Girl Guide wins claim for accident at school

The claimant aged 14 was attending a Girl Guide meeting at a school when she went to open a door and her right hand went through a glass panel of the door.

The claim was based upon a breach of the Occupiers Liability Act 1957 together with the Education (School Premises) Regulations 1999 where Regulation 17 (3) requires the defendants to ensure that all parts of the school were such that the health safety and welfare of the claimant was assured.

Despite the defendants’ calling four witnesses who said that there were no previous complaints and no need to change windows as they conformed with British Standards, the Judge found a breach of the regulations as well as common law breaches. The Judge thought that the school should have been on notice from a 1964 case to change the type of glass; they had had sufficient time to consider the matter.