Cerebral Palsy and Other Birth Injury Claims

Although the majority of pregnancies and births happen without complication, when problems do arise, the consequences can be devastating for expectant parents and their newborn babies.

In most cases where there are problems during birth, these are sadly unavoidable. However, there are instances where families are failed by the medical staff in charge of their care, resulting in serious birth injuries to mother or child.

A claim for medical negligence may arise if medical staff fail to recognise serious conditions, such as preeclampsia, maternal or gestational diabetes, or if there is poor care during the delivery of a baby leading to conditions such as cerebral palsy.

During this difficult time, our expert solicitors will ensure that you have access to both the specialist support and legal expertise that you deserve. We are proud to only ever act for the claimant, never for the defendant.

A series of complications at the hospital where Bilaal was born resulted in life-changing consequences. Our medical negligence experts fought to secure compensation for Bilaal and his family.