NHS England has recalled 22,000 patients of suspended dentist, Desmond D’Mello, who practiced at the Daybrook practice in Nottinghamshire amid concerns about infection control.

Concerns were raised about Mr D’Mello’s negligence after covert footage revealed that he was failing to wash his hands and change gloves between patients.

NHS England further revealed that Mr D’Mello used the same instruments for multiple patients and that he did not sterilise equipment between appointments.

A report by the Care Quality Commission found that equipment was being stored in the staff toilet and another room, raising concerns of cross contamination at the practice.

Patients have now been recalled and will undergo tests to find out whether they have been infected with any blood-borne viruses. Tests have already confirmed that Mr D’Mello is not HIV Positive.

Joint head of the clinical negligence team, and senior clinical negligence solicitor based at Thompsons Solicitors’ Nottingham office, Linda Millband, said: “While the risk of infection for patients of Mr D’Mello have been described as low, his actions will have no doubt caused anxiety and worry among the vast number of people he has treated.

“The report by the CQC and camera footage reveal multiple failures in cross infection control and Mr D’Mello’s treatment clearly falls way below the standards his patients would expect to receive.

“It is essential for patients who have been treated by Mr D’Mello to engage with the recall process and opt to be tested to ensure that they have not been infected with a blood-borne virus, such as hepatitis C.

“If any of Mr D’Mello’s patients test positive for an infection following a medical assessment, we would urge them to seek legal advice from our expert clinical negligence team to establish whether a claim against Mr D’Mello may be possible.”