Prescription Error Claims

Taking or being given the wrong medication can cause serious side effects and, in rare cases, even result in death depending on the drug involved and how long it is taken for.

There are many ways in which prescription errors can occur, such as patients being prescribed medication for too long, an incorrect dosage, taking medication to which they are allergic and even two or more medicines prescribed at the same time which should not be taken together.

If you or a loved one is prescribed medication by a hospital or a GP, it’s important to always check that the medication given to you by the chemist matches the prescription you handed in. Always check the packaging and supported literature before taking any medication.

We have dealt with thousands of medical negligence cases where patients have suffered a serious injury, or had a medical condition worsen, as a result of prescription errors.

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One of our clients, who had an allergy to penicillin, secured compensation after his GP prescribed him drugs that contained the antibiotic to treat an infection.