Gemma Mitten is a highly skilled clinical negligence lawyer, based at Thompsons Solicitors’ Condor House office in central London.

Gemma has more than ten years’ experience taking medical negligence cases involving surgical mistakes, orthopaedic injuries and deficiencies in care, which lead to problems such as pressure sores. Other claims have involved problems which occurred during childbirth.

She has also built up experience in a number of compensation claims for road traffic accidents.

Gemma is responsible for a full caseload of clinical negligence claims and is keen to point out that Thompsons Solicitors only ever represents the injured party, insisting on putting their interests first. A dedicated professional, Gemma ensures that cases are treated with urgency and that compensation is maximised.

In her spare time, Gemma loves musical theatre and keeps fit by visiting the gym frequently.

Gemma's case experience:

Medical negligence claim: Gemma secured £30,000 compensation for a bus driver after a scalpel snapped during keyhole surgery on his knee, causing severe damage to his leg. The incident meant the operation had to be extended to repair the damage. The claimant subsequently endured considerable pain and needed another operation to complete the keyhole surgery.

Medical negligence claim: Gemma fought long and hard to secure £7,500 in damages for the estate of an elderly woman who suffered from a serious bedsore as a result of extremely low standards at a care home. Staff at the care home failed to notice and treat the sore, which was identified as an extremely painful grade three ulcer. Gemma persevered with the case despite the home’s initial failure to respond.