Scaphoid Fracture Claims

Misdiagnosed fractures are a frequent cause of complaint against A&E departments. Whether because the doctor missed it or the view taken on the x-ray was incorrect, a fracture misdiagnosis can lead to injured patients being discharged home, often with a diagnosis of a sprain.

Not all missed fracture cases will give rise to a claim, but one fracture that can cause particular problems if not diagnosed quickly is a fracture of the scaphoid, a small bone in the wrist. Fractures to the scaphoid often happen as a result of a fall on an out-stretched hand, where the impact of the fall forces the hand and wrist backwards. If not identified promptly this can lead to serious consequences, including reduced grip, osteoarthritis, and avascular necrosis which can cause arthritis.

If you have been diagnosed with a missed scaphoid fracture and would like to make a claim, our expert medical negligence team can help.

"I had dreams and ambitions to succeed as a professional rugby player and I believe I had the ability to do so. The misdiagnosed scaphoid fracture injury has taken this away from me.”

Our scaphoid fracture client