Serious Burn Injury Claims

Burns and scalds are very serious injuries, and even a small burn or scald can remain painful for a long period of time. Very serious burns and scalds can cause nerve, tendon, ligament or muscle damage, permanent scarring or even death. Scarring can also cause reduced mobility and psychological distress.

The severity of the injuries and the treatment required often depends on the part of the body affected. Plastic or cosmetic surgery may be needed.

We most commonly associate burns with heat or open flames; however, they can also be caused by cold, electricity, chemicals, radiation, sunlight or friction as well as hot liquids or steam.

Some of the most common burn injury and scald injury claims we deal with are caused by accidents at work, take place in schools, nurseries or other public places, are the result of road accidents or accidents that occur during surgery and operations.

If you’ve been the victim of a burn injury or scald injury we can advise you and help you make a claim for compensation.

David suffered severe burns to his hands, face and lungs in an accident at work. We fought to secure justice for David.