Fatal Accident Claims

When a family loses a loved one through an accident that was someone else's fault, there is always despair and devastation, and many families are also burdened with the pain of injustice.

Thompsons has supported thousands of bereaved families for over 90 years to secure justice and compensation, helping to relieve the very real financial strains that can occur from losing a family member.

Fatal accident compensation claims can be complicated and it’s important to have an experienced and knowledgeable team on board. We can help secure personal injury compensation that can include an amount for the pain and suffering of the deceased, repayment of actual losses such as funeral expenses, and a bereavement award for loved ones.

Our experience of fatal injury claims includes those who have been killed in accidents at work, road accidents or even as the result of medical negligence. We support families with compassion and empathy, while seeking to bring financial security as they look to rebuild their future.

“Thompsons was relentless in their support and went above and beyond what we would ever have expected to fight Jake’s corner with us.” John and Janet, parents of Jake, our fatal accident client