Amputation Claims

Our team has unrivalled experience working with both adults and children who have suffered amputation as a result of medical negligence. We ensure that they have access to specialist support, and are helped to adapt to their changing circumstances as quickly as possible.

How can Thompsons help with a medical amputation claim?

We understand that losing a limb can be a traumatic experience. We work hard to secure financial compensation that enables you to access rehabilitation, support and to get and physical adaptations - whether to your home or vehicle - to help you to live comfortably and independently.

Thompsons has close working links with a network of dedicated client support coordinators, occupational therapists, prosthetic specialists and support groups who can aid your recovery and help you to maintain your independence.

"The experts Thompsons brought on board helped me manage my condition and the personal service I received made me feel valued. They’ve supported me at every stage of my journey since my amputation." Matthew, our amputation client