Medical Brain and Head Injury Claims

Many associate brain injuries with a bang to the head, but brain injury can also occur as a result of medical negligence.

The effects of a brain or head injury can be life-changing and we understand how important it is that you get the necessary support as quickly as possible.

Injuries to the brain or head can vary considerably in terms of severity. Patients may suffer from problems relating to vision, dizziness and headaches, but in more severe cases, brain and head injuries can cause long-term disabilities or even result in death.

Rehabilitation is an important part of recovery and it is vital to gain the right help and advice quickly. Our team can help you access psychologists, speech and language therapists, occupational therapists, physiotherapists and support workers to get the ongoing care and support you require.

We always ensure that any claim for compensation includes provision for the funds needed to meet any long-term needs of the injured person and their family.

“Thompsons were magnificent. They were very thorough at going into all our costs arising from what happened to me. And, of course, they had the same thoroughness at projecting my future needs and those costs.” Clare, our brain injury client