Based at Thompsons Solicitors’ Newcastle centre, John Gray is a highly experienced lawyer working with the personal injury and accidents at work teams covering the North East of England.

John takes cases on behalf of claimants who have sustained a wide range of serious injuries and sometimes he represents the families of those who have died as a result of accidents. His current workload is characterised by high value and sometimes complex cases.

During his legal career, which began more than 20 years ago, he has taken an extensive range of claims, including those involving industrial diseases and accidents at work. He also has considerable experience of cases involving injuries sustained away from work, including in road accidents.

John is proud of Thompsons’ insistence on only representing injured parties rather than employers or their insurance companies. He is a solicitor with a high reputation who is always determined to achieve the best possible settlement on behalf of his clients in the quickest feasible time.

Away from his legal work, John spends most of his leisure hours with his family, but he retains an interest in American football, having once played the game.


Compensation of £734,343 was negotiated by John for a man whose feet were crushed in a work accident. Unfortunately one of the man’s feet had to be amputated. Management argued that John’s client was partly to blame, but eventually accepted full responsibility following submissions by John and his decision to initiate court proceedings.

John negotiated a £470,000 settlement for a widow whose husband died in a work accident. Initially the defendants denied all responsibility for the injuries sustained by the deceased man. Subsequently they accepted a degree of blame, but argued that the fatally injured man was partly culpable. Court proceedings were issued by John, but he was subsequently able to negotiate the compensation.

A client tripped over in a pub car park at night because of defective lighting. The defendants initially denied liability for the injury, but £8,000 in compensation was agreed two days before the case was due to go to trial.

John succeeded in gaining compensation of £42,000 for a firefighter who injured his back while attending a road accident. The injuries did not prevent the client from working, but the settlement was negotiated after court proceedings were issued.

John secured £397,500 in compensation for a trainee doctor who was seriously injured when she slipped on a wet floor. The NHS trust admitted liability, but contested the extent of the injuries and the impact they had on John’s client. A wide range of expert evidence was secured by John and he initiated court proceedings. The settlement was negotiated just before the case went to trial.

John represented a maintenance technician injured when replacing electrical cables on machinery. The defendants denied any responsibility, asserting that no report of the accident had been filed and that management was unaware of the condition of the floor or any evidence that it was wet. John secured statements from witnesses that confirmed the floor was wet and that management had been informed. The case was settled for £17,500 shortly after disclosure of the fresh evidence.


Accidents at work: “Much appreciation to you and the entire team for your time and effort invested in my case.”

Occupational stress case: “John Gray has been extremely helpful with my personal injury case, always quick to respond to queries and provide me with advice. I am very grateful for his support during what has been a very stressful time.”