Chartered legal executive, Michelle is part of Thompsons Solicitors’ North East of England asbestos disease team. She is based in Newcastle.

Michelle has nearly 25 years of legal experience, beginning her career at Thompsons in 2001 as a legal secretary and specialising in asbestos-related diseases since 2002. 

Managing asbestos claims that involve employer’s liability, public liability and environmental and secondary exposure, Michelle’s case load primarily consists of non-malignant diseases such as pleural plaques, pleural thickening and asbestosis. Additionally, Michelle has experience of litigating Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) claims including diagnoses of dermatitis, asthma and Legionnaire’s Disease. 

Michelle is also responsible for investigating and securing compensation for non-malignant, lung cancer and mesothelioma claims against the T&N Asbestos Trust, as well as being the Newcastle office’s coordinator for the US Asbestos Trust, advising on the eligibility of UK-based claims against American asbestos manufacturers. 

A highly competent and knowledgeable litigator who never loses sight of the human cost behind her cases, Michelle’s main focus is to recover the maximum amount of compensation for her clients, while ensuring the process for them remains as stress free as possible.  

The best thing about working for Thompsons for Michelle is being able to obtain justice and compensation for hard working men and women and their families. 

In her spare time Michelle enjoys taking part in women’s Olympic weightlifting. 

Michelle’s case experience

  • Secured £128,000 from the T&N Asbestos Trust for a former typist who was exposed to asbestos while handing wages to wrokers on the factory floor and later developed mesothelioma.
  • Recovered damages for an agency worker who contracted Legionnaire’s Disease after being negligently exposed by her employer, and developed PTSD and depression because of her illness. 




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