Based at Thompsons Solicitors’ Leeds centre, Charlotte Barnett takes cases involving road accidents and accidents at work, as well as advising clients suffering from pleural plaques, an asbestos-related condition which causes scarring to the lung.

The House of Lords decided in 2007 that pleural plaques does not constitute ‘an injury’ in law and as part of her duties, Charlotte explains the legal position and advises clients on asbestos-related diseases and the importance of seeking further medical and legal assistance should their situation change.

Charlotte is also responsible for a number of accident and public liability claims. Her caseload involves claims where the defendant has admitted liability and those where liability is denied, together with cases which require litigation and others where negotiation can achieve the required result.

Charlotte has been a Thompsons executive for ten years, having previously been employed as a specialist legal secretary.

Charlotte works to ensure the highest possible compensation for clients in the shortest possible time and derives considerable satisfaction from offering clients the best possible all-round service.

Outside her work at Thompsons, Charlotte enjoys spending time with her family and friends. She enjoys going to nature reserves and parkland with her young daughter. “When I get a moment’s peace I enjoy cooking, reading and listening to true crime podcasts,” she says. Her lunchtimes are spent in the gym or working for further qualifications under the auspices of the Chartered Institute of Legal Executives.


Charlotte won damages for cyclist Grantley James after he was hit by a car and knocked to the floor breaking his elbow. Following surgery Mr James continued to suffer a degree of pain in the arm and medical staff suggested that another operation would be needed. 

Mrs J, 30, received £4,200 in out of court damages after a vehicle collided with the car in which she was a passenger. Following the accident she suffered pains in her neck, shoulder and back which meant she could no longer do basic housework, go to the gym or benefit from a reasonable night’s sleep. The driver of the other car quickly admitted liability after Charlotte pointed out that he had ignored road markings and failed to pay attention to oncoming traffic. 

Charlotte secured £4,000 in damages for a  woman who was knocked down by a Ford Fiesta at a pedestrian crossing in Skipton. The IT consultant, who was on her way home from work, was thrown over the car’s bonnet and was knocked out when she hit her head on the road. She also sustained cuts and bruises and a black eye.

Since the accident the client has suffered pains in her back and neck, but more debilitating has been the psychological effect. She has suffered from nightmares and flashbacks and is extremely nervous about crossing the road. The claim was settled out of court after the driver admitted liability.


Grantley James said: “Thompsons has been very good. Although my case took a long time to settle, I’m glad it was settled properly rather than quickly. I’ve been really pleased with the way my case has been handled. The accident has taken the gloss off my retirement but luckily my settlement will have a positive effect on me and my family’s future.”

Mrs J said: “I knew it wasn’t right that I had to pay expensive medical bills and rely on others to do my housework when the accident wasn’t my fault. Thompsons handled my claim quickly and professionally and I’m really happy with how it all worked out.”

Another client said: “I would like to express my sincerest appreciation for all your excellent work in my recent case and that I would be pleased to recommend you and your company to others.”