Senior asbestos lawyer Eamonn has more than three decades legal experience and is based between Thompsons Solicitors’ Bristol and Cardiff offices.

Eamonn handles claims arising from Wales and the South West of England and provides legal representation for victims of asbestos-related diseases, including mesothelioma and other cancers, asbestosis, pleural thickening and pleural effusions.

During his career, Eamonn has acted for a plethora of individuals in different occupations who have suffered asbestos exposure in the workplace, including fitters, electricians, carpenters, plumbers, laggers and others, who have worked in mines, factories, power stations, steel yards, rail depots and docks. 

Eamonn’s key responsibilities consist of fighting cases for asbestos injured clients and their families, providing clear and accurate advice and gathering and analysing evidence from clients, witnesses and other sources.

Kind, approachable and extremely motivated, Eamonn ensures clients know he is on their side and understands what they are going through. Eamonn’s focus for every client is to gain the highest amount of compensation possible as quickly as possible.

The most rewarding thing about working for Thompsons for Eamonn is the dedication shown across the firm to helping people suffering from debilitating and sometimes life shortening illnesses. 

Eamonn says Thompsons differs from other law firms because its core philosophy is to always campaign, and act, for the injured worker and to do so beyond the basic requirement of providing legal advice.

Outside of work, Eamonn enjoys reading history books and biographies, gardening and spending time with his wife and sons. Eamonn also maintains an interest in all things Irish.


Mesothelioma claim: Eamonn secured £140,000 in compensation for the widow of a former Ministry of Defence shipyard worker who was exposed to asbestos at the HM Naval Base in Devonport Dockyard, Plymouth. The woman’s husband was employed from 1947 to 1957 as an engine fitter. He worked in Royal Fleet Auxiliary vessels’ engine rooms where asbestos insulation was present. At times, his job included handling asbestos lagging. Following her husband’s death from lung cancer, his wife instructed Thompsons to pursue a claim for mesothelioma.

Retro-peritoneal fibrosis: Eamonn’s client sought damages from his ex-employer for retro-peritoneal fibrosis. The claim was one of the first in which a link to the condition, which blocks the passage of urine from the kidneys to the bladder, with asbestos was strongly argued and then successfully settled. The client was exposed to asbestos for about 18 months in the 1970s and was diagnosed with the rare condition of retro-peritoneal fibrosis in the late 1990s. Eamonn put together a team of respiratory, renal and epidemiological experts, and building on Finnish and other research, pressed the case to a trial listing, at which point his client’s former employer agreed a substantial six figure settlement sum without admitting liability.

Pleural thickening claim: Eamonn represented a 67-year-old man from Cardiff who was exposed to asbestos in the 1960s and 1970s whist working as a general electrician on the construction of power stations and offices. He was diagnosed with pleural thickening after starting to suffer from breathlessness. Eamonn brought a claim against three of his former employers who settled out of court for £20,000. The provisional settlement allows the client to make a further claim for compensation if his condition worsens in the future due to asbestos-related disease.


In the 2015 Legal 500 survey, Eamonn was mentioned as one of the leading personal injury lawyers in Wales and referred to as “tenacious”, “consistently good” and “very compassionate”.

Eamonn was also mentioned in the 2017 Legal 500, which described him as “very knowledgeable and experienced”.

Eamonn’s former client said: “Eamonn was extremely professional, sensitive, considerate and detailed during his visits with me and my family. He ensured my interests and needs were addressed.”

Another of Eamonn’s former clients said: “From start to finish Eamonn took us through all the procedures explaining steps 1-2-3 etc, the why and wherefore from step to step. We, my wife Ann and myself, thank you for all your help through what seemed at times a dark tunnel. With your help we burst through into daylight again!”