Based in Thompsons Solicitors’ Manchester office, Clare Forster is a key member of the clinical negligence team working on cases across England and Wales.

Clare represents clients in a range of medical negligence cases, including failure to treat, missed or delayed diagnosis and surgical errors. She also deals with cases where medical professionals have failed to secure a patient’s informed consent to treatment and has experience in handling claims involving the death of a patient. Clare also works on high-value medical negligence claims with senior solicitors in the team.

Having joined Thompsons in 2016, she qualified as a solicitor in 2019 after a period as a litigation assistant working in the serious injury department, where she assisted senior solicitors with catastrophic injury claims for clients who had sustained life-changing injuries caused by road traffic accidents or accidents at work

Clare is keen to ensure that the maximum possible damages are received in the shortest possible time. She is aware that many of her clients experience considerable stress caused by medical malpractice and is dedicated to supporting her clients throughout the entirety of their claim, recognising the need for both financial compensation and early rehabilitation. Where possible, Clare has also secured funding for counselling and therapies during the course of a client’s claim.

Clare is proud of Thompsons’ record as a highly professional firm which takes the injustice suffered by clients extremely seriously. She values Thompsons’ commitment to those injured as a result of negligence and its refusal to represent insurers.

Outside of work, much of her time is spent with her family and her dog, Rupert, who she loves taking for long walks on the weekend. Her other hobbies include yoga classes, swimming and travelling whenever she can.

Clare's case experience

Clare co-worked a case where negligence during labour caused catastrophic injuries to a baby boy, resulting in his inability to achieve the full mental capacity of an adult or live independently. The claimant has been left with a form of epilepsy and cerebral palsy and will continue to suffer with seizures into adulthood. Clare helped secure a substantial lump sum settlement, plus yearly payments to support the client for the rest of his life. The settlement secured him funds to purchase a house designed specifically to meet his needs, including accommodation for a live-in carer.
Clare also secured a settlement for a client in a surgical error claim. The hospital performed a wrong site surgery when excising a cancerous lesion on the client’s scalp. As a result of the negligence, the client required further surgery and a skin graft. He suffered additional scaring, emotional upset and psychological trauma as well as possible migration of malignancy because of the three-month delay due to incorrect excision. 


Former client: “I am extremely grateful for all your help and advice throughout this difficult time.”
Former client: “Just to say that we are now feeling so happy and relieved that it is all finally over. Thank you for all your hard work that you have done for us, your kindness and manner throughout all this has been an amazing help.”