Emma McNichol has a wide ranging legal background, but now concentrates on medical negligence and serious injury cases as part of a team of specialist lawyers at Thompsons Solicitors’ Newcastle centre.

Having joined Thompsons in 2016, Emma runs “fast track” serious injury claims, normally involving compensation of between £10,000 and £25,000 and “multi track” cases usually worth more than £25,000. The caseload covers clients claiming compensation for general orthopaedic injuries, minor whiplash injury and mild to moderate brain trauma. Emma is also involved in cases of alleged fundamental dishonesty involving personal injury claims.

Emma is also actively involved in high value cases, helping senior colleagues with medical negligence claims involving multiple injuries including those to the brain and chronic pain syndrome. Some of the claims involve military personnel.

Emma is a qualified barrister (unregistered) and is due additionally to become a solicitor in 2019.

Before joining Thompsons, Emma gained valuable experience in dealing with cases involving, among other things, breach of contract, commercial practice, consumer credit and unfair dismissal.

Emma is responsible for co-ordinating Thompsons’ Newcastle and Leeds offices in supporting the firm’s national marketing campaigns.

Emma enjoys her work at Thompsons because the firm only represents the injured party – and never those who may be guilty of causing the injury or their insurance companies. “I am proud to work for injured and vulnerable individuals, knowing I have made a difference,” she says.

In her leisure hours Emma enjoys shooting, dancing and singing. She is also interested in performance cars, owning a company that supplies specialist parts for the vehicles.


Following tough negotiations Emma was able to secure compensation of £32,000 for a civil servant who was initially offered just £1,000 after he was knocked off his bike in a road accident. Although the effects of his physical injuries, including those to his head, subsided after nine months, the psychological impact meant he was no longer unable to ride his bike.

The fight for compensation for a man injured in an accident was made much more complicated by the fact that his back pain was found at least partly to be caused by cancer. The defendants accepted responsibility for the actions of their employee who was unloading a motorcycle off a lorry which struck the 60-year-old client. The accident caused him neck and back pain, headaches and dizziness. Most of the symptoms subsided after a couple of days, apart from the back pain. Eventually the case was settled for more than £5,000.

Another complex case involved a traffic warden who was injured at work through the action of a co-worker. As a result of the accident the client suffered grazes, dizziness and headaches. He also suffered back pain in addition to the back pain from which he had previously been suffering. The defendants denied any culpability for the injury and it was difficult to prove his back was any worse after the accident. Despite the complications, Emma settled the case for £4,680.


David Horder, a member of Headway, a charity for people suffering from head injuries, said: “Emma McNichol and Thompsons Lawyers have done great by me. I have been kept up to date by her, concerning my case. I was using another law firm, and they didn’t do anything near what Emma and Thompsons have done. They are a great firm to work with.”

Joseph Devlin, another member of Headway, said: “I would like to say that Miss McNichol has, from the beginning of my case, been totally professional and proficient. I have been kept up-to-date with how things are proceeding, and when in the interview, was made to feel comfortable. With all this, I am happy having Thompsons as my solicitors.”

Anonymous: “Emma has done more for me and had more communication with me than (my previous solicitors). I wish I knew then, what I know now. Thank you.”

Anonymous: “Emma has done more for me in a short while than my previous solicitors did in two and a half years.”