Cathryn Davies is a fully qualified clinical negligence solicitor based in our Cardiff office who has over 20 years experience of dealing with clinical negligence compensation claims.

Whilst working at Thompsons Solicitors in Cardiff, Cathryn has dealt with a wide range of medical negligence cases including claims involving birth injuries such as cerebral palsy and cases involving laparoscopic procedures which have resulted in personal injury to the patient.

Cathryn's expertise is not limited to clinical negligence cases; however and as a member of the Wales region's serious injury team she has dealt with many complex brain injury cases and industrial disease cases.

Cathryn's knowledge and experience would be hard to beat and you can rest assured that she always tries to secure the maximum amount of personal injury compensation you and your family are entitled to in the shortest possible time.

Successful Personal Injury Claims

Below, you will find just a few examples of personal injury compensation claims which Cathryn has successfully handled from Thompsons Solicitors' Cardiff office.

Misdiagnosis resulted in amputation

In this case our client was misdiagnosed as suffering from a knee strain when in fact she had necrotising fasciitis.  The delay in correctly diagnosing the condition meant that the condition was more widespread than it originally was and an amputation was needed.

Our client was left with a permanent disability and Cathryn obtained a compensation award that the client was happy with before the case was heard in Court.

Cerebral Palsy Compensation

Cathryn recovered a 7 figure sum in compensation for the family of a little girl diagnosed with cerebral palsy after a mismanaged birth.

Due to lack of monitoring during the birth of the baby it had gone unnoticed that she had the umbilical cord wrapped tightly around her neck and the lack of oxygen caused cerebral palsy.

She is and will always be entirely dependant on her family and carers. She has no speech and her communication is extremely limited. She can not sit unaided. She will never stand or walk. She has serious visual problems and she has profound learning difficulties.  She is expected to live to her mid twenties. However she is dearly loved by her family and many who meet her. She smiles when happy, pulls unhappy faces when sad or in pain and likes social interaction. She enjoys listening to people chatting, has some favourite songs she likes to listen to and enjoys movement especially rough and tumble.

Her successful case will now help ensure she has all she needs for the future. She previously lived in a house on many levels without room for necessary live in carers. An interim payment from the Trust allowed the family to find a suitable bungalow which when adapted will be suitable for her future needs. It also allowed the family to engage the help of professional carers and therapists with assistance from a case manager. It will help her continue to enjoy participating in those activities she enjoys including having holidays with her family which now includes a new baby sister.

Surgical Error during Gall Bladder Operation

In this case errors made during a routine gall bladder operation resulted in our client suffering multiple organ failure and septicaemia.  He needed 9 weeks on an Intensive Care ward and then needed 8 more operations.

Even after all the treatment he had, he was still unable to return to his old job due to health problems related to the mistakes made.

The NHS trust involved made several offers of compensation but Cathryn kept rejecting them until she received an offer which she felt was fair for everything the client had gone through.  The client was very happy with the outcome of his claim.

Serious Injury at Work

In this case our client was a chef who suffered serious lacerations to several fingers at work.  To make matters worse, the surgery he needed to repair the injuries was delayed and he suffered from permanent disabilities.  He also contracted MRSA whilst in hospital and while this was a serious condition, he luckily made a full recovery.

Cathryn succeeded in obtaining damages for our client which included not only a payment for the injury itself but also loss of earnings while he recovered from his injury and loss of future earnings.

Praise from the Legal 500 2020

"Cathryn Davies has a strong reputation for handling claims of the utmost severity, including brain injury at birth cases."