Based at Thompsons Solicitors’ Manchester centre, Kamrun Haque is a highly professional clinical negligence solicitor taking clients from all over the North West.

Kamrun is a key part of the Thompsons’ team representing claimants who have suffered injury or illness because of substandard or incompetent medical care.

Kamrun ensures her clients are treated with care and respect and are kept “in the loop” from the time she starts their claims through to the payment of compensation.

In the seven years since she qualified, Kamrun has dealt with a range of claims from industrial disease, to injuries caused in road accidents. She also spent a year as part of a team taking legal action over historical sexual abuse.

Kamrun believes Thompsons is set apart from other firms by the quality of the training it provides for employees and its determination to achieve justice for its clients, whatever the difficulties.

In her spare time Kamrun sings in a gospel choir and at weddings.


You will see below just a small sample of Kamrun’s cases:

Kamrun settled a claim for a patient whose GP had prescribed twice the amount of a drug she needed to deal with bipolar disorder. Instead of taking 200mg of lamotrigine she was given 400mg. The extra dose caused panic attacks and severe depression which even led her to contemplate suicide. The doctor denied that the over-prescription had led to the dangerous side-effects, but Kamrun persevered and negotiated compensation with which her client was delighted.

Compensation of £15,000 was secured for a 32-year-old suffering from noise-induced hearing loss. Kamrun negotiated an additional £4,000 for the purchase of state-of-the-art hearing aids.

The defendants argued that the claim was out of time, but in phone conversations with the defendants Kamrun secured the compensation just ahead of a hearing. 


The claimant, Michelle, said: “I am over the moon with my settlement, I feel my GP has owned fault for his mistake and thank you for your hard work for seeing a difficult case through.”

The client was delighted with his compensation as he thought he would lose at his limitation trial. He said:  “Thank you for working really hard on my case and using your technical skills and patience to fight it to the end, I was really nervous about attending the limitation trial and am so happy that I did not have to attend and I am so thrilled with the amount of compensation I’m being awarded."