Based at Thompsons Solicitors’ Newcastle upon Tyne centre, Laura Laffey is an experienced member of the firm’s serious injury and clinical negligence departments.

Having qualified as a solicitor in July 2011, Laura deals with compensation claims involving all kinds of orthopaedic, ophthalmological and dental problems resulting from delays, errors, omissions and negligence. Clients suffer from a range of conditions including cancer, pressure sores and Crohn’s Disease while mothers sometimes go to Laura after birthing injuries to their babies.

Laura graduated from Northumbria University and in 2004 started work at Thompsons, in the section taking claims involving the coal industry. She worked as a paralegal in the medical negligence unit from 2008 before qualifying.

Laura uses her legal expertise to help clients win the highest possible damages for the suffering they have undergone and in the shortest possible time. She is aware that her clients are undergoing some of the most stressful times in their lives and she is at pains to keep them informed, to give them reassurance and treat them with the respect they deserve.

She derives great personal satisfaction from her professionalism but also from winning the just recompense which means so much to her clients. Thompsons’ insistence on exclusively representing the injured party rather than those responsible for the negligence or their insurers, means a great deal to Laura.

Away from work Laura spends as much time as possible with her two young children.

Laura's case experience

Here is a small sample of Laura’s successful claims on behalf of Thompsons’ clients:

One of Lauara’s clients was forced to undergo an emergency hysterectomy and invasive surgery to her uterus after a series of errors during the birth of her second child at the Royal Victoria Infirmary in Newcastle. A misapplication of a chemical used to induce contractions led to her unborn child suffering distress and the necessity for a forceps delivery. During the delivery the hospital failed to ensure that a senior specialist was present as required and the client suffered a major tear to the upper vagina. Laura was able to give the client emotional support during the legal process at the end of which £45,000 in damages were awarded.

Two mothers suffered extremely painful pressure sores and chemical burns during the birth of their babies at Durham Hospital and Sunderland Royal Hospital respectively. The client at Durham was left lying in her own urine after the birth of her second daughter and suffered chemical burns. A proportion of the £44,000 compensation included payment for private scar revision surgery.

The second client sustained grade three pressure sores after she was left in a bed for 13 hours during labour. She had been given an epidural and was therefore unable to move. After the birth of her son she was left lying in a bed for another six hours before it was found that she was suffering from bedsores. Both clients had undergone considerable distress which impaired their enjoyment of the babies during the first crucial weeks and both received substantial damages.

Laura has considerable experience of urological claims. One complex case involved damage to an artificial sphincter, which controls bladder function, during a hip arthroscopy. There was a failure to ensure a urologist with knowledge of the device was present during the procedure to deflate it and attach a catheter to the patient. The catheter actually used damaged the sphincter, which then had to be removed and the client suffered 14-months of incontinence. The client suffered considerable distress and part of the settlement was for psychological injury. Provisional damages were pleaded in this case, but the client insisted the case was settled on a full and final basis.

A woman was forced to undergo surgery to fuse a bone in her heel after delays in diagnosing a fracture. Her job required her to stand most of the day and the injury caused by the delayed diagnosis meant she had to retire early. Laura commissioned a specialist who predicted the client would have problems with her ankle in later life. Laura secured damages which included a proportion to pay for future assistance.


“Laura Laffey, the Thompsons solicitor dealing with my case, was excellent. Laura was very professional and efficient in dealing with any queries I had promptly. Laura was very approachable and empathetic. This helped me when providing my statement regarding a distressing and traumatic experience of clinical negligence. I find it upsetting recounting this event but Laura’s approach made it less difficult. Laura showed great insight into how this event impacted on my life and was very determined to achieve the best possible outcome for my case. Laura did everything she could to make this process easier and less stressful for me and I am very grateful for her help. From my first contact with Thompsons Solicitors to the conclusion of my case, I found all the staff to be helpful and professional. I am very glad I chose Thompsons.”

“Excellent service; structured and straightforward process; efficient correspondences.

“The service I received was first class. I was kept up to date throughout the case, plus I received the full amount that was ask for. I would recommend Thompsons to anyone.”

“Having never needed a solicitor in the past, I was concerned that I would not understand legal jargon etc, and that it would all be beyond me. All the worry was taken away by Laura Laffey, who took on my case for medical neglect. Laura spoke to me in a way I could understand, and kept me informed every step of the way. Even when I thought things looked a little bleak, Laura went on fighting in my corner and won my case for me. l would thoroughly recommend Thompsons service to anyone in need.”

Legal 500

The clinical negligence team in Newcastle was singled out in the Legal 500 (a directory of leading law firms) for providing ‘a splendid service’, adding that client care is ‘second to none’.