Jane is a senior supervisor on Thompsons Solicitors’ Leeds Personal Injury Team and handles claims from across the East Midlands.

A specialist in catastrophic and serious injury cases, is a solicitor and has 30 years' relevant experience covering all areas of liability, including accidents at work, road traffic accidents, medical negligence, exposure at work and assaults.

Additionally, Jane is an experienced civil advocate and litigator with expertise in contract dispute resolution and civil litigation and a special interest in fatal accidents, coroner's court work and brain and amputee cases.

As the senior supervisor for the multi-track accident work stream, which handles claims in excess of £25,000, Jane utilises a wealth of knowledge and experience to ensure team members provide the best possible advice and representation for clients.

Jane has a proven ability to manage, mentor, train and supervise a team and to set targets, budgetary controls and ensure regulatory compliance.

Thompsons’ commitment to acting solely for injured claimants makes Jane proud to work at the firm.


Accident at work claim: Jane acted for a client in respect of a serious accident at work, where their leg was completely de-gloved after being hit by a forklift truck driven by an inexperienced driver who failed to follow procedures. The employer had also failed to properly designate traffic routes and implement a safe system of work. Jane secured a significant six figure sum for the client at a Joint Settlement Meeting following the commencement of court proceedings.

Psychological injury claim: Jane acted for a bereaved family who witnessed the death of their husband and father following a hit and run, by a subsequently identified drunk driver. Jane managed to establish that the clients were all secondary victims, despite one family member not having witnessed the accident. Significant damages were obtained for all family members, who all suffered post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and resultant losses.