Jacquie has more than 40 years' nursing experience, including both ward and hospital management. She spent the last 20 years working solely in neurorehabilitation; complex physical, cognitive and behavioural rehabilitation.

For the last five years, Jacquie has worked on behalf of Thompsons Solicitors as a client support consultant and worked with many families with many different injuries and support needs. Jacquie is able to provide Thompsons' clients and their families with timely individual and personalised support. This includes assessment of current needs, working with the client to ensure that all required services are in place, such as NHS rehabilitation or social care interventions, where these are available, or using voluntary sector organisations such as Headway, Spinal Injuries Association and the Limbless Association.

Jacquie can also support clients with applications for Department of Works and Pensions benefits, including, as needed, registering the claim by phone and completion of the associated paperwork.

Jacquie can provide information and education about the injuries sustained and the impact these might have on the individual and their families. She can also be someone who a client or their immediate family member can just talk to and can listen and advise or provide support as needed.

Outside of work Jacquie has many interests including gardening, vegetable growing, keeping chickens, making patchwork quilts and other soft furnishings, and singing in the UK's largest contemporary choir.


Professional membership

Jacquie is a Registered Practitioner of the British Association of Brain Injury Case Managers and a Registered General Nurse.