Lorna is the manager of Thompsons Solicitors’ south east region specialist asbestos team and is based in Dagenham.

Joining Thompsons in 1991 as a legal secretary, Lorna’s potential was quickly realised and she worked her way up through the company until qualifying as a solicitor in 2006. During her six years of legal training Lorna continued to work at Thompsons as an asbestos case handler. 

Having worked solely on asbestos cases since 1999, and with an intimate knowledge of every step in the complex process of achieving justice for those suffering from mesothelioma, asbestos-related lung cancer, pleural thickening and asbestosis, Lorna’s expertise in her field is second-to-none. 

Organised and attentive to detail, Lorna supervises colleagues working on asbestos claims, conducts training and presentations for Thompsons staff and medical professionals on asbestos-related matters and manages her own case load.

Lorna’s reputation as a driven and successful asbestos litigator is matched by her compassionate and accessible approach to clients and their families, who are often still involved in a case after their loved one has passed away. Lorna is also active in a charitable asbestos support group in the south east.

The main priority for Lorna is that the trust her clients place in her is repaid by securing the justice and compensation they deserve.  

Once Thompsons identified Lorna as someone who could go on to become a successful solicitor, the firm was happy to financially support her legal training. Lorna has remained with Thompsons for more than 25 years and during that time has seen many changes, but is pleased that developments are always geared towards representing people who have been injured or mistreated.

Outside work Lorna usually spends time with her two young daughters, who she says "keep my feet well and truly on the ground!"

Lorna's Case Experience

Mesothelioma claim: Lorna’s client, a former railman and train driver in his 40s, developed mesothelioma after routinely coming into contact with asbestos at work. He was not warned about the dangers of asbestos or provided with any personal protective equipment (PPE). Sadly Laura’s client died before the claim was completed. Lorna secured £350,000 in damages on behalf of his family.

Asbestosis claim: A British Rail worker developed asbestosis after being exposed to asbestos. Even through he never handled asbestos, he worked in the same vicinity as laggers who did. There were also pipes covered with damaged asbestos and open sacks filled with the material. Lorna made a claim for asbestosis compensation against the insurers of British Rail and recovered £80,000 compensation for the injured man.


Professional Membership

Lorna is a senior litigator at the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL).


Client Testimonials

Patricia Jolliffe, whose husband died from mesothelioma, said: “All I have to say is if all your staff are like Lorna Webster, a brilliant solicitor and a fighter for what she believes in, you must have a great team.”

Unite member Mr T, who contracted cancer from asbestos, said: “I can’t thank Lorna enough for her professional help and support, which was fantastic. 

“I was kept informed of progress from start to finish in a highly professional, caring, friendly and patient way.”