Sonia is a senior solicitor working in Bristol acting for clients in Thompsons’ national clinical negligence team.

After specialising in clinical negligence as a paralegal from 2011, Sonia went on to qualify as a solicitor in 2014 and has experience in various cases, including orthopaedic injuries, surgical errors, delays in diagnosis of cancers and strokes, and fatal injury claims, including supporting families at inquests.

She has also represented clients suffering from internal injuries, respiratory illnesses, and complex conditions such as endocrinological conditions.

Sonia brings years of experience handling high-value birth injury cases, securing life-changing multi-million-pound settlements that provide essential care packages for injured children and support for their families.

With a background in studying sciences at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels before entering the legal field, Sonia has developed a meticulous and technical approach to her cases. This skill set is particularly crucial when scrutinising the research papers and opinions cited by the defendant's experts, ensuring a thorough and informed analysis.

Sonia understands that her clients have experienced life-changing injuries, often of a deeply personal nature. She is known for her approachable, empathetic, and compassionate demeanour, providing support and guidance to help clients navigate the legal process with ease.

Additionally, Sonia is a valuable member of Thompsons’ team representing clients who have undergone rectal prolapse mesh surgery (laparoscopic ventral mesh rectopexy cases).

Sonia is a trustee at a Bristol-based charity, Cerebral Palsy Plus, which supports members with cerebral palsy in the Bristol area to help them lead independent lives.

In her spare time, she enjoys cooking and is an occasioned video gamer when her young family allows it. Sonia is a Cantonese speaker.


Sonia's case experience

  • Secured £150,000 for a client who suffered a stroke, the symptoms of which were misdiagnosed as an eye problem. She went on to suffer a second, more serious stroke which had life-changing consequences, resulting in an inability to continue working at the NHS or to look after her young children. 

  • Settled a claim for £80,000 due to complete wound dehiscence of a client’s bowels following a poorly managed colectomy wound post-operatively. The client had been an active 80-year-old caring for his wife, but as a result of his injuries, he was no longer able to look after her and became primarily housebound.