Based at Thompsons Solicitors’ Manchester office, but covering the whole of England and Wales, Allison Mohan is a highly experienced chartered legal executive specialising in medical negligence cases.

Allison has been successful in a wide range of claims, including those involving personal injury where there is employers’ or public liability, road accidents, and cases where the client has suffered severe work-related stress.

Her caseload is dominated by medical negligence claims. Cases can involve incorrect diagnosis and mistakes in identifying the client’s condition, with the result that the patient receives the wrong treatment. The client can be suffering life-threatening illnesses such as cancer, or may have suffered serious physical injury.

Sometimes the client has suffered damage to vital organs during botched operations. On other occasions he or she has been given the wrong prescription.

Allison’s cases can also centre on dental claims, psychological trauma, and injuries sustained during birth. She often handles claims involving the death of a patient let down by the medical profession.

Allison is aware that many clients are undergoing the most stressful time of their lives when they come to her for help. She always deals with them with professionalism, care and compassion. Allison leaves no stone unturned in her commitment to achieving the highest possible compensation.

Allison has worked for Thompsons Solicitors – and a firm with which it merged – for more than 30 years. She values its commitment to representing the injured party and never those responsible for the injuries or their insurance companies.

Allison's case experience

Delayed diagnosis claim: Allison negotiated a £50,000 settlement for a client suffering severe pain and psychological problems a result of a delay in the diagnosis of a broken limb. The terms were agreed after court proceedings were issued.

Delayed diagnosis claim: Allison took the case of a family whose loved one died after a delay of 11 months in the diagnosis of metastatic cancer. It is a disease where cancer has spread from the initial site to other parts of the body. A settlement of £20,000 was achieved.

Medical negligence claim: A hospital technician fell and cut the leg of a 90-year-old woman with an electric saw as he was attempting to remove a plaster cast. The woman, who was living in sheltered accommodation, sustained a wound more than five inches long which left a permanent scar. Allison secured compensation of £7,500.

Medical negligence claim: A client received compensation of £22,500 after he suffered pain and limited movement after an operation to reconstruct an anterior cruciate ligament. Allison was able to provide evidence that that here had been a breach of duty towards the client who was forced to undergo another operation. The settlement was achieved ahead of a decision to issue court proceedings.


Medical negligence client: “I would like to thank you for helping me with my compensation claim. You made this happen! I was very satisfied as to the conduct of this claim from start to finish.”

Medical negligence client: “Our claims were dealt with in a most helpful manner and we were kept informed of the proceedings by Ms Mohan.”

Medical negligence client: “Extremely satisfied with the outcome of the claim Thompsons settled for me. A special thanks to Allison Mohan.”

Medical negligence client: “Mrs Mohan handled my case with quick efficiency, excellence, care and good professionalism. I am very grateful for all the help and work that she has done and for the outcome. I would definitely recommend Thompsons to friends and family. I am very pleased with the service I have received. Thank you very much.”