Martin is a senior solicitor leading Thompsons Solicitors’ product liability team and specialising in medical negligence across the firm, based in the Birmingham office.

For the past 30 years, Martin’s legal speciality has been industrial disease cases and personal injury. However, since 2012, Martin has concentrated on the huge gamut of cases of medical negligence.

Martin has a sound track record in getting the best deal possible in claims against hospital trusts and GPs for some of the most serious and life-changing injuries, caused through medical negligence. Cases handled range from birth injuries, including resulting cerebral palsy, wrongful birth, orthopaedic injuries, failed surgery, surgical malpractice, or where consent to an operation or procedure that went wrong had not been properly informed.

Winning for clients who have been injured through clinical negligence with settlements ranging from six figures to multi-million pounds, Martin works efficiently, discreetly and compassionately.

As leader of the team handling product liability cases, Martin pursues manufacturers whose products have been defective or failed, leaving clients injured. Many of the actions Martin and his team handle are multi-claimant, ranging from defective breast implants, to hip replacements, to vaginal mesh surgery.

Martin has successfully pursued many claims against different manufacturers for clients who suffered serious blood disorders as a result of metal hip replacements. There are several hundred more cases nationally, waiting in the pipeline and stayed, while a test case is being heard.

A leading legal specialist in the serious spinal injury, cauda equine, caused by landing on the coccyx after a fall, Martin regularly wins compensation for those whose red flag symptoms are missed by A&E consultants and GPs. Cauda equine should be treated at once, as surgery after more than a few hours or days is too late.

Martin’s work at Thompsons gives people with serious long-term injuries, as a result of clinical negligence, the financial security to make their lives manageable with professional care, therapy and accommodation and is his biggest incentive to succeed. Being able to concentrate on getting the maximum value and with the greatest legal and medical support and facilities, Martin is able to do the very best for his clients.

Outside of work, Martin enjoys sailing, shooting, cycling and day walking.



Medical negligence claim: Martin succeeded in gaining compensation for a failure to diagnose after failing to offer an amniocentesis test to a pregnant woman at risk. She subsequently gave birth to a child with Down syndrome.



Colin Smart a Thompsons Solicitors’ clinical negligence client, said: “Thank you very much for your phone message and letter regarding the success of my case. I just want to put on record my sincere thanks to you and your team for your commitment and thorough work on my case, which has been much appreciated by me and my family. My brother-in-law was very impressed that you got in touch with him to update him regarding the outcome and thank him for his input.”