Based at Thompsons Solicitors’ Manchester centre, James Gratton is a highly respected senior solicitor specialising in serious injuries.

With nearly 30 years’ experience, James combines managerial responsibilities in the serious injuries unit with a caseload made up of the most problematical claims for clients suffering the most severe trauma.

James represents claimants from all over the North West suffering from a range of life-changing injuries including to the head, spine and claimants who have undergone amputations.

James joined Thompsons in January 2020 having enjoyed a long and successful career at other firms in Liverpool. He spent two decades taking a range of employers’ liability and disease cases ending up with a caseload of higher value claims. Another six years was spent in a firm’s personal injury unit undertaking large serious injury claims where compensation recovered often exceeded £1million.

James was keen to join Thompsons because of its ethos of exclusively representing injured parties rather than those who may have been responsible for those injuries or their insurance companies.

He also enjoys working with Thompsons’ highly regarded specialist lawyers at a firm which is dedicated to achieving justice for claimants and their families.

Away from work, James likes to go to the cinema and the theatre and spending time with family and friends.

James's Case Experience

In a four-year legal battle James secured over £3 million in damages for a lorry driver who had to have his foot amputated after he was hit by a fork lift truck at a supermarket distribution centre.

The claimant, 26 at the time, was knocked down as he emerged from a toilet block straight into traffic. The company claimed that the client bore a degree of responsibility, but following the accident the company fitted a rail just outside the facilities.

James’s client, a former army medic who enjoyed cross-country skiing, snowboarding and hiking, elected to have his foot removed after enduring a long period of pain and disability. He was unable to work following the accident and as a result of an interim payment obtained by James was able to travel to Australia for the amputation and to have a special prosthetic fitted which is fixed to a patient’s bone. The surgery was undertaken by one of the world’s leading experts in the field, Professor Al Muderis in Sydney.

The case involved evidence from a series of experts for each side, much of which was contradictory, but James’s arguments prevailed in final negotiations on April 28, 2017.

James secured interim compensation of more than £1.5 million for a client who lost an arm while working at a factory. Part of that compensation was used to purchase a LUKE prosthesis, the first British patient to receive the high tech “bionic” arm. The claim was contested at a five-day trial in the High Court involving three defendants. The claim succeeded but James appealed against a finding that held that his client was 10 per cent responsible for the accident and won that appeal. The client has been able to purchase a specially adapted car and an adapted bungalow with the interim payment.


Association of Personal Injury Lawyers senior litigator.