Based at Thompsons Solicitors’ Leeds office, Liam Rose is the first point of contact for clients from all over England and Wales who have suffered a head injury and have been referred to the Head Injury Portal team.

Liam starts the legal process by filling in claim notification forms over the phone and submitting the documents to the party responsible.

The cases, which often involve orthopaedic as well as head injuries, can arise from accidents on the road, accidents at work, assaults and claims where public liability is involved.

Another key element of Liam’s expertise involves securing medical evidence to support claims and helping the client to assess the personal financial cost of the injury. Liam passes his findings to a colleague once all supporting evidence is on file. A colleague will then assess the level of damages to be sought and settle the claim.

Liam points out that Thompsons is a firm which always bears the clients’ needs in mind and ensures that he or she understands the legal process.

Away from work Liam likes to go horseracing and is also a season ticket holder at Sheffield United.

Liam's Case Experience

Below are just two of Liam’s successful cases:

Liam secured £25,000 in damages for a cyclist who injured his head, chest, shoulders and knees in an accident on the road.

Another of Liam’s clients received a £15,000 settlement after he sustained head and whiplash injuries in a road accident and suffered psychological effects.


A client wrote to Liam thanking him for all his hard work on a claim arising an accident at work.